Top 8 Reward Programs and Databases – For Exclusive Coupons, Free Samples and Rebates!

Would you like to maximize the coupons, free samples and rebates you get from Pampers, Huggies, Enfamil, Similac or other similar baby products? Then you’ll want to sign up to the 8 reward programs  and coupon databases I’ve listed below. After our first child we learned that taking advantage of these reward programs can save you more then you’ve ever dreamed. Not only can you save money with the printable coupons and free samples but many of these programs will also send you valuable parenting information that will help along the challenging path of parenting.  I’ve personally used each of these rewards programs and highly recommend all of them. I’ve listed my favorite first!

1. Bargain Bin Betty Coupon Database - If you’ve every thought it rather annoying to search for individual coupons in Google here is a solution. This coupon database is one of the best resources I’ve found online when your in need of a coupon. It’s easy to use and is updated every day with almost every printable, online and flyer coupon available.

2. Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards: This is a fantastic program! When you sign up Huggies will send you stacks of diaper coupons, and by signing up you can participate in their rewards program. These rewards points can be redeemed later for free stuff. The codes are found on any Huggies products you purchase. I often post these rewards codes on our blog.

3. Pampers Gifts to Grow
This is the equivalent program to Huggies enjoy the ride rewards, they don’t seem to mail out as many coupons but it’s still a great program if your planning to use Pampers diapers. They also have a very similar rewards program.

4. Similac Strong Moms: If your looking for the mother of all rewards programs check out the Similac Strong Moms program. When you sign up, Similac will send you two full size cans of formula along with coupons valued at $5 off. They also offer coupons that you can redeem at your OBGYN to get freebies from their office. Similac Stong Moms Program

Here’s a list of Information they sent me during my Pregnancy:

During your Pregnancy:

  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Weekly emails with tips and tools for pregnancy
  • Tips to get ready for child birth and breastfeeding
  • $20 in premium Shutterfly birth announcements

After your baby arrives:

  • up to $329 in membership rewards and partner offers.
  • FREE infant formula and coupons delivered to your door
  • Montly Emails about baby’s growth and development
  • Live one-on-one nutritional support from Similac FeedingExpert team @ 800-986-8800

5. Enfamil Family Beginnings: This is another great program that will get you free samples and coupons on Enfamil. When I signed up I got one full size can of baby formula several enfamil checks and a heap of freebies. The also offer a support line where you can speak with a lactation consultant if you have any questions.

6. Gerber Start Healthy: Don’t expect many coupons from the Gerber Start Healthy program. However they make up for it with the coupons they send out. When you sign up you simply tell them how old you baby is and they send you coupons for products that you will need soon. Early on you will receive formula checks and breastfeeding supplies coupons. Later they will send you coupons for baby food.  I can remember getting several $15 off Gerber Good Start coupons talk about high value

7. Babies R Us Newsletter: When you sign up for this newsletter you will be sent a montly newsletter FILLED with coupons and you will also recieve a flyer in the mail. The mailers usually has a 20% one baby item coupon in it which you can use for those real expensive items.

8. Beechnut Family: This program is similar to the Gerber Start Healthy program. you’ll get ton’s of great coupons and you will also get free sample kit’s every two or three months. 

9. Amazon Mom: If I can use a coupon or get it free I will but sometimes it’s just not possible. A great way to save money without a coupon is to use Amazon Mom program. You get free shipping on any baby products whether big or small from wipes to cribs it’s free and as a member you get 30% off diapers and wipes all the time you can stack these savings up on top of coupons that maybe available from the Amazon Coupons Booklet. Most of the time the extra 30% I save on diapers makes it cheaper then any coupon I’ve ever found and used in a local store and with free shipping why not.

Don’t forget leave me a comment with any rewards programs you like!

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